Sale Property Portal provides the most efficient, cost effective means of selling your property. With open communication between buyers and sellers, no commission charges, and access to a huge pool of potential buyers, there is simply no better way to sell your property in the UK.

Our system is simple. We allow you to post your property listing on our site for a reasonable fee, complete with photos, fully interactive and editable listing, embedded videos etc. We offer two packages, Silver and Gold. The silver package cost £125, whilst Gold cost £185. These prices are a tiny fraction of the commission charges levied by estate agents, yet the benefits are extensive.

Our Silver package gives you one month to sell your property. You can add up to six photos as well as upload attachments and note energy efficiency ratings. On our end, we’ll give your advertisement a priority listing and a featured advert, giving you access to the widest pool of buyers possible. And our Gold package includes all of these same benefits, with one huge bonus: for just one low price, you can list up to 12 photos of your property for sale and keep your advert on our site until you sell your property!


  • We save you money as you do not have to pay agents’ commissions to us
  • Void of multiple agency agreements.
  • The prevention of funding a snake-oil estate agent.
  • Clearer communication - Nothing gets lost in translation if you directly with the potential buyers.
  • Lack of pressure - Estate agents want a sale and that's usually at any cost.