Rent Property Portal provides a simple-to-use, effective platform to rent your property anywhere in the UK! Our easy-to-use communication system allows you to talk directly with potential tenants and rent your property in less time and with less stress.

We know your home is your pride, your joy and almost the most important thing in your life. And that renting or letting it out for however short or long a time, is a matter of the utmost trust. It is for this reason we would only put forward tenants for consideration, who have proven means of paying their rents, credit worthy and excellent reference. It is the responsibility of the potential tenant to upload all relevant information to assist the landlord in their decision making. Your security and peace of mind is front and centre of our thinking.

We’ve developed processes to make sure that your peace of mind is not disturbed or undermined. Potential tenants will have to supply to you via our systems, a valid credit report( no more than a month old) Guarantors details if required, prove of employment and references for your consideration.