About Us

The aim of zone4homes.com is to give you a choice. For most people, the single most important investment you can make is your home and, as with any investment, should you decide to sell your home you naturally want to sell it for the highest price possible and hope to keep as much of those returns as possible to invest in your new home, new life, children, family and so on.

Of course, estate agents can provide a valuable service, helping to take some of the stress out of the process of buying and selling property and there will always be people who are willing to pay for this service. However, we also offer the platform, right information, tools and guidance for those who choose to sell their homes without the help of an estate agent. Advertising and selling their home directly to the buyer and most importantly keeping most of the returns from their investment in the process.

This is where zone4homes.com comes in. We offer a complete collection of tools and resources available online to home owners, landlords and estate agents in the UK, to enable them sell, rent and let their properties online, directly, through the security of our website.

The specialist information that was once held only by those in the know is now available to everyone online, if you know where to look. Through our expanding knowledgebase, we hope to make all this information available to you, to empower you to sell or rent your home for the highest price possible.

We are an independent company and offer our service to anybody within the UK looking to market their properties privately, alongside or without an Estate Agent. It is also worth noting that you can also run our service alongside a Sole Agency agreement you may already have with an Estate Agent.

Why not get in The Zone now and find out for yourself, how easy selling or renting your property privately can be!