Finance providers

A number of different financial providers exist, offering both commercial and buy to let finance. The most appropriate provider for you will depend on your circumstances. Here's an idea of what's available:

Banks and Building Societies - Around 4 in 10 of all UK mortgages are arranged directly with a high street bank or building society. It's an easy option and many consumers feel they can trust a financial provider with which they have already established a relationship. In the case of commercial finance this can be helpful – if you already have a business account with a bank/building society, your account manager will know your reliability, turnover and other facts about your business.

Unfortunately, lenders are aware that customers believe their existing financial provider to be the best source of commercial or buy to let finance and will accordingly reduce the competitiveness of their products.

Don't feel you are tied to the commercial mortgage "packages" your bank/building society offers.

The UK is home to around 150 mortgage providers, each in competition for your custom. Most providers offer a range of products, giving well over a thousand different mortgage options – the likelihood of your existing provider offering the one best suited to your needs is very low indeed – so shop around.

A few mortgage providers allow you to combine your finances in one account – mortgage, loans, savings and credit cards. Where commercial finance is concerned, this is unlikely to be the most cost effective way of managing your money, so avoid being lured by such products..

Specialist providers – cater for people with adverse credit (e.g. loan/credit card arrears, CCJs, repossessions) you can apply to an Adverse Mortgage Lender for a buy to let mortgage. Expect deals to be less competitive depending on how poor your credit history is.

Brokers or mortgage intermediaries – are specialist financiers that offer a range of financial product. The fact that they compete with your high street banks means greater competition and better value for consumer.