What method should I use to sell my home?

Here is an outline of the three most common ways of selling your property.

  Advantages Disadvantages Costs (Time and Financial)
Estate Agent Trained negotiators who are well acquainted with the market. May suggest an asking price to win an instruction, then quickly drop the price to ensure a quick sale. Most agents charge between 0.5% and 5% commission. Should save you time.
Private Sale No one can market your property as well as you. May receive less interest since you will probably find yourself unable to market yourself as widely as through an agent. Time consuming
Auction Dependent on the day- could get a very good price Dependent on the day- could get a very low price or no sale at all, but still have to pay the fees. Auction house fee.

Estate Agents:
Most people opt to sell their home through estate agents. For more information please see the National Association of Estate Agents here

Private Sales:
Private house sales are common in instances where… We have a step by step guide available here

Auctions often take place where more unusual properties are concerned and there is a more specialised market for them. If you choose to sell your home via auction, it is still commonplace to appoint an estate agent to deal with the sale.