There is an old adage about first impression being the most important. It is therefore imperative to ensure the property is prepared appropriately for your intended market. Clear out all clutters to maximise space and use light colours. Before accepting a potential viewing from a prospective tenant make sure you complete any small DIY jobs as required.

Air the property by opening window and use air freshener where possible. Remember some buyers may be allergic to pets, so make sure that all signs of animal smells and hair are removed. if any of the rooms have very bright colours or carpets, you may want to neutralise them. This does not mean go out and buy expensive carpet. Get carpets professionally cleaned.

If the bathroom or kitchen look worn out then you might want to consider repainting the ceiling and walls. Clean, re-grout any tiled areas that are going black.

It may even pay to have a new white bathroom or kitchen suite put in. Put some efforts into organising the rooms so that there purpose can be seen.

It is always beneficial to organise and manage viewings efficiently. Make notes in your dairy for agreed viewing dates and for each potential tenant make sure that you have taken their name and number just in case you have to re-arrange the appointment, and also in case they are late and have just got lost.

Before a viewing, print out a summary of your property details as they may want to take this away. Prepare your property and decide a planned route for the viewing.

Shut all the doors so that you can present the room to them. If all the doors are open it is too much for someone to take in all at once. Always lead the tenants through the property. Therefore when you open a door to the room you enter first, pointing out all the positive points of the room.

During the course of viewing gather some information about the tenant for example, their job; When are they looking to move and if they have pets. Gathering information about the tenant, may determine who you rent to if you have several potentials.