Tenant Checks & References

Screening, verifying and selecting tenants is probably the most important task a landlord ever does. It\'s both a skill and a routine that are well worth developing.

Tenant Verification Checks which include Credit Checks and Referencing are very important parts of the screening and verifying process. As the will help eliminate 95% plus of all letting problems through careful screening and selection of tenants.

It is a well known fact that most residential tenants are decent, clean living individuals who pay their rent on time, follow reasonable rules and look after the rented property. It's just the other 5% or less that cause landlords the headaches and the sleepless nights.

A detailed and systematic screening process will eliminate all, if not almost all of these, but you must be disciplined in the way you apply the rules - follow them to the letter and absolutely no exceptions. The first time you do make an exception for someone, Sod\'s Law says you'll regret it

Remember also, the discrimination laws. You are not allowed to discriminate (and nor would any reasonable landlord want to) on the basis of race, religion, gender or disability etc. However, you are allowed to discriminate on the merits of the individual/s as qualifying tenants.