Choosing an area

When considering moving to a new area, there are a number of things to consider before making a decision. You may want to find a job in certain area or move  somewhere that has better schools or more green spaces.

In choosing an area in which to live you should consider: -

Your budget – some areas are more expensive than others.

Your commute to work, are the transport links good?

How near are friends and family?

If you have any special interests that need to be catered for in your chosen area.

If there are shopping facilities nearby.

What you want from the environment – open spaces, lively nightlife?

What services are important to you – schools, hospitals?

Popularity of the area.

Future planning developments

Council tax bands and charges

Local jobs and careers information

School admission information

Local parks and recreation areas

Sports facilities

Arts and leisure events and facilities

Facilities for young people

When choosing a location, take the time to visit and walk around. The area might look good on paper but you may detect a different atmosphere once you're actually there.