We recommend you always view in daylight hours as this will provide you the opportunity to spot areas of concern and raise them accordingly. When viewing a property it is advisable to take a family/ partner or friend. Not only will this address the issue of safety but someone to get a second opinion from.

Make sure you take a pen and paper with you. So any issues of concern can be noted. It is advisable you take a  camera if you have one, as this will enable you take pictures to review in your own time, as you probably will find other things from the photo that you did not realise when you was viewing the property.

Do not hesitate to  make as many visits as you see fit with tradesmen to address any concerns you might have. Always check the history and details of any work that might have been carried out. A new carpet, bathrooms and kitchens can be signs of a superficial renovation that is hiding more serious work to be done.