How should I prepare my home for viewing?

If selling your home privately, you will need to give marketing and publicity a great deal more thought, time and care than if you are working with an estate agent. If you decide to use an estate agent, be sure about what exactly the role of the agent is to include. For instance, clarify details, such as who is showing the potential buyers around the property. Also, you may wish to visit the Estate Agent’s premises to ensure that your property is being given due prominence in their window display and marketing literature.

There are different ways in which you may wish to structure viewings,

You can have them all arranged via appointment (again, discuss with your agent whose responsibility it is to arrange the viewings),

Alternatively, open house viewings are growing in popularity. They are regarded as easier, as it requires opening your home up on a given day rather than disrupting every evening with different viewers. If the viewing shows a good response, it also gives home viewers a sense of the competition and may encourage higher offers. Of course, the inverse is also possible.

Similarly, on the downside, mass viewing does not provide such a personal service, or allow potential buyers to ask questions, therefore possibly not showing the home in the best light.