Find your dream home

If you find a property that interests you, call up the private seller to arrange a viewing. You should see as many properties as possible in order to get a comprehensive idea of the property market.

Here are some  :

Keep a record of every property you have visited. It is good to have a checklist for area and property features (see the lists above) and your thoughts to take with you to every viewing. This helps you keep track and compare different houses.

Make critical notes. Check every property you view for:

General Condition (fixtures and fittings, layout etc.)

State of Repair (insulation, heating, plugs, plumbing etc.)

Structural problems (dampness, cracks in walls or ceilings, crooked doors, damaged foundations etc.)

Visit at least twice . A property can look very different at night, when the neighbours are throwing wild parties. Or during rush hour, when the passing traffic and frequent trains cause the floor to vibrate.

Take a camera . This helps you remember certain features and to see the property in a more objective light at a later date.

Bring a friend . The excitement of a viewing can make you overlook important things – another pair of more sceptical eyes can help you make a better judgment.

Don’t get too attached to a house . It is easy to fall in love with the first potential home you see, but remember that there are many more to come and try to keep an open mind.