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Housing rated as one of the most important issues facing the UK.

Over a quarter of British adults now think housing is one of the most important issues facing the United Kingdom. A Yougov poll conducted on Monday and Tuesday, and published today, shows a leap in people considering housing a ‘most important’ issue.

A total of 27% of people said housing was one of the most important issues, a jump of 7% from a similar poll conducted a fortnight ago. 

One polling expert, who declined to be named, said the increase could be due to the media coverage of high-profile housing policies announced by the parties in the last fortnight.

The Conservatives have announced they would extend Right to Buy to housing association tenants while Labour has announced three-year PRS tenancies with inflation-limited rent increases and an abolition of stamp duty for on homes worth up to £300,000.

The poll showed a much higher concern about housing in London, with 45% of respondents citing it, compared 23% in the north of England, 22% in the midlands and Wales, 26% in the rest of the south of England and 24% in Scotland