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Zone4Homes.com provides one of the most efficient, cost effective and affordable means for home owners and landlords to sell and rent their properties respectively in the UK. The attraction is that sellers and landlords can avoid paying estate agent exorbitant fees, which can often run into thousands of pounds. You simply create your log on account and enter your property details and instantly create your advert. You can also upload a video and multiple photos with a full description of your property.

Estate agents can be extremely costly, and you will save a bundle cutting them out of the equation when you sell or rent your property through Zone4homes.com.All the features and functionalities of the leading housing portals at your disposal.

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Zone4homes.com harnesses the power of social media allowing us to advertise your properties over Facebook, Twitter and Google+. There are over 20 million active Facebook users alone and we open the door to this market which we consider cost effective.

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